This website offers solutions for security system. Their main products are Surveillance Software, Surveillance Solutions, and Designer’s Software. Apart from these they offer to their partners or members to earn money through “Reseller Program”. There are two ways they mentioned to make money via this program: 1) Resell their software on their behalf, 2) Drive traffic to their website and earn money from their sales. Also they give a great discount (upto 80%) to their resellers whose are purchasing their software. Some of their security products are Active WebCam, Argus DVR software, and Surveillance DVR. They also have the designer’s software too, like Actual Drawing - which is a visual tool to make websites easily without knowing any knowledge about HTML, Animated Screen – which is a tool to create multimedia screensavers, and 2D & 3D Animator – which produces animated high-quality 3D pictures for our web pages. The customers can buy their products directly online through this website itself. Before buy the customers can see demo of their surveillance system in action in the website itself.
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